Whether you are a rookie agent or a seasoned vet, it’s important to have the right tools in place to be productive and successful. With our predictive dialer, automated voicemails and mass emails, you’ll reach hundreds of leads every day, while our virtual assistant keeps track of all of your prospective clients. With our technology, you will have the best possible chance of closing each and every sale.

Insurance Exchange

Since healthcare reform, private health exchanges- also called marketplaces- have become essential to the quoting, applying and enrollment process. Our private exchange, available only to our agents, is excitingly unique in the individual market. SalesRadix’s exchange offers complete quoting and enrollment options for major medical health insurance, but in addition to that, you’ll be able to sell short term health insurance and check mark off other available ancillaries like dental, vision, accident and critical illness insurance. Leads in our system will automatically prefill our easy, one page application with any information the client has already submitted. From there out- it’s just a seven minute application process! Besides the unique capability of mix and matching all available carriers for all available products in your client’s area, you’ll also be able to take payment information for most ancillary products.

Virtual Assistant

We want you to be completely focused on selling; that’s why we take care of your back office work. Our system is like a virtual secretary who organizes your workday to be more efficient. It connects you to live clients, gives you their information, keeps track of your schedule, and lets you know who’s up for renewal. Emails and voicemails will be given to you with the client’s information and where you are in the selling process. Each work item is presented in order of importance so that you can focus on the highest priority tasks first.

Predictive Dialer

Most of an agent’s time is wasted dialing hundreds of leads a day, listening to phone calls go unanswered, and leaving voicemails. We’ve solved this with our predictive dialing system. Our dialer calls new leads instantly, allowing you to reach a lead before anyone else. Additionally, our predictive dialer is continually making phone calls to several leads simultaneously. If a call goes unanswered, the system schedules when to call back. If a prospect picks up the phone, they are instantly connected to you. No more wasting time and energy making unnecessary calls to bad leads; you’ll only be connected to live prospects, and selling actual clients!

Automated Voicemail

Similarly, a lot of an agent’s time is also wasted leaving voicemails for people who don’t answer. Our automated voicemail system saves you time and effort, automatically leaving a prerecorded message whenever it reaches a voicemail, so clients can call you right back.

Email Marketing

All leads are automatically included in a preconfigured email marketing plan. We instantly send out messages to leads as soon as they are generated so they can contact you. Our system continues to send automated follow up messages on a schedule for the lifetime of the lead. Leads will also get emails annually at the time of their renewal, when they are most likely to be shopping for insurance. Staying in touch with a prospect makes it more likely that you’ll be the one they call when they’re ready to buy.