Medicare offers a standard benefits package that covers only medically necessary health care services for seniors. Additional coverage is often needed to provide comprehensive coverage. We help you guide seniors through their options, and make sure all of their insurance needs are met. We offer both Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage.

Medicare Supplements

For clients who would like to keep traditional Medicare but need additional coverage, we offer Medicare supplements. These plans provide coverage for medical expenses not or only partially covered by Medicare, such as copays, deductibles, and prescriptions. These supplements are often more costly, but they don’t limit policy holders to a given network.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage serves as a substitute for traditional Medicare. Not only do these plans significantly reduce out-of-pocket costs, they also usually offer an expanded benefits package. These can include other services not covered by Medicare, such as medically necessary transportation, assisted living or nursing homes, dental and vision care. These plans tend to be less expensive but work only within a network.