health insurance

This is an exciting time for the health insurance industry. With healthcare reform, millions of new clients are searching for insurance answers, and we want you to be there to help them. Having multiple products allows you to offer your clients a plan which truly fits their needs. We offer solutions for individual medical, short term, dental, accident, critical illness, disability and long term care.

Individual Medical

Millions of individuals are now shopping for coverage to be in compliance with new health insurance requirements. Our individual medical insurance will provide long term, permanent coverage for people who don’t have group insurance offered through their work. We work with an extensive range of highly-rated national and regional carriers, both on and off exchange, so you can help clients choose a plan that fits their needs and budget.

Short Term

Short term health insurance is intended to provide coverage to individuals who don’t have permanent insurance available to them, but do expect to obtain it within a year. An example would be during gaps between jobs, after a move or if they missed open enrollment. Short term plans provide coverage for up to one year.


Dental insurance is designed to cover costs associated with dental care. We offer plans that provide coverage for basic dental health like regular checkups, cleanings and x-rays, as well as more extensive coverage for oral surgery, dental implants or orthodontia.


An accident policy provides coverage for an individual in the event of an injury. Since the average health insurance deductible is typically 3,000 dollars or more per person, having an accident policy allows clients to cover their deductible in the case of an unexpected injury.

Critical Illness

Sixty percent of all people who declare bankruptcy do so because of a medical event. Eighty percent of those people actually have health insurance, but can’t keep up with their bills while out of work. Critical illness coverage provides a lump sum payment to help with lost wages and living expenses if a client is diagnosed with one of the covered illnesses. Typical illnesses covered include heart attack, stroke and cancer.


Statistics show that one in four persons in the United States workforce will suffer a disabling injury before retirement. Disability coverage insures the policy holder’s income against the risk that a disability will render a client unable to work. We offer comprehensive short term and long term disability policies to meet all of your clients’ needs.

Long Term Care

Long term care insurance covers a client who requires assistance with daily living. It covers home care, assisted living, adult daycare, hospice care and nursing homes.