SalesRadix has developed relationships with all of the top insurance carriers, allowing you to offer clients the best plan to fit their needs.

We offer Health, Medicare, and Life insurance products, which allow you to build a completely customized insurance solution for your clients. For Health insurance, we have individual medical, short term, limited medical, accident, critical illness, dental, disability and long term care plans. Our Medicare supplements and Advantage plans help you take care of senior clients. You’ll also be able to offer your clients term, whole and universal Life insurance policies.

Having multiple competitive carriers and products allow you to create truly personalized plans for every client.


Our proprietary lead generation system has proven to provide the highest quality leads in the industry. We offer these leads to you completely free of charge. You will receive approximately twenty five leads every day, with the potential for even more.

Every time you log on, the predictive dialer calls multiple leads simultaneously. Once a client answers the phone, he is instantly connected to you. Answering machines are handled by our system, leaving a prerecorded message. While you’re busy closing sales, our mass emailing system is sending out hundreds of messages to potential clients. You’ll also have access to our entire book of business, giving you the opportunity to resell thousands of new plans. Imagine how much business you could close if you were speaking with a potential client one hundred percent of the time!


SalesRadix was created solely for the purpose of increasing your sales opportunities. We give you the tools to reach as many prospective clients as possible, allowing you to focus on closing deals. Through predictive dialing, automated voicemails and mass emailing, you’ll reach hundreds of leads every day, saving you time and energy, and making your job a lot more efficient.

Our work flow management system automatically calls and emails on a schedule, keeping you in touch with each prospect, while you focus on closing sales. Once you’ve established a connection with a prospect, our system allows you to schedule appointments, calls and emails for the lifetime of that lead.


We have a vested interest in your business, and our goal is to provide you with the most productive selling environment possible. That’s why we offer you a variety of support resources, including regular webinars, weekly sales meetings, and trainings on sales techniques and products. Direct access to our knowledgeable sales team will help you answer clients’ questions as soon as they come up.

Whether you are new to the industry or are an experienced sales agent, we’re here to help you maximize your potential.