life insurance

Life Insurance helps cover loved ones in the case of the unthinkable. It can also be used to safe guard businesses, or as an investment product. Whatever the need, our competitive products are from the highest quality life insurance carriers in the industry, so you can take care of each and every client. We offer Term, Whole and Universal plans.


Term life insurance policies cover clients for a set amount of time, usually ten to thirty years. These are perfect for clients who have a temporary risk, such as covering their spouse through retirement, or their children through college. These do not offer investment benefits, but are much more affordable than a permanent policy.


Clients who would like a permanent life insurance plan that never expires, and combines a death benefit with a savings portion, would be interested in whole life insurance. A benefit to this policy is that gains in the cash value are tax-deferred. Money can also be taken out of the policy without being subject to taxes. This type of policy offers the safest permanent life insurance coverage.


For those who would like more flexible investment opportunities and withdraw options, universal life insurance is a great option. Universal life is a permanent policy that combines protection against premature death with an investment account that earns a rate of interest on a tax deferred basis. This type of policy offers more investment and withdraw options. A universal plan is a flexible way to protect a clients’ family in the event of their death, and also build tax-deferred cash value.