Being successful in the insurance industry requires the right foundation for you to build your business on. That’s why we give you an assortment of resources like sales and product training, and ongoing sales and service support. From the very beginning, we give you the tools to successfully enrich your career as an insurance sales agent.

Sales Training

Whether you’re just starting out in insurance sales, or you have years of experience, ongoing sales training is essential to growing your business. We offer webinars on subjects like sales techniques, presentation styles and cross selling, from instructors with years of proven sales.

Product Training

A major key to your success lies in your insurance knowledge. We host regular webinars on product updates, plan launches, and new insurance regulations so that you can stay on top of your game.

Sales Support

With SalesRadix, you’ll be teamed with a top sales person who will leverage their years of experience to help you achieve your goals. Working with a veteran agent will provide you valuable feedback to help increase your sales. You’ll also have instant access to a sales support team who can answer any questions that may come up.


Although you can always go directly to carriers for support with client issues, our case management staff is also available to help you with complex problems. Our staff has years of experience solving high level issues for agents. Additionally, our high volume of sales means we receive preferential treatment with carries, allowing us to resolve issues much more efficiently.